Happy New Year from everyone at Mill Hill Music Complex

Happy New Year from everyone at Mill Hill Music Complex!

What are your new years resolutions? Why not make this one, 2015 – Your best year ever! When people make a new year resolution, it usually involves giving up something or doing something they don’t want to do. At MHMC we think this is a waste of a really good opportunity to make your life better. Why do we always chose such negative ones? Even if it is a positive commitment, it is usually semi masochistic “I’m going to run 10Km three times a week”.

This is madness, we only get one go at this life and so every second we waste doing stuff we don’t like, is a second wasted. There are so many great things we could do, so many things which we’d really enjoy, why waste the new years resolution on such negative things. Why not say

This year I’m going to dig out the guitar/drumkit, get together with my friends, get a band going, make some awesome sounds and have a brilliant time whilst doing it.

do-what-you-love-cgWell here’s a fact that might inspire you. Did you know that playing rock and roll guitar for three hours during a rehearsal, uses up exactly the same number of calories as going for a six KM run? What would you rather do?

So come on. For 2015, dust off that guitar, dust off the drum sticks, get on the phone to those old friends that you haven’t seen for ages and get a jam going. What is the worst that can happen? You might even enjoy yourself !

It doesn’t stop there though. Once you’ve got your band together, you want to get out and get gigging!

This can only happen if there are decent local live music venues.  At the moment, due to the attitudes of councils, the high profits of property developers and the fact that the government doesn’t recognise the huge contribution that creative arts makes to the UK economy, many venues are struggling. Lets all work together to turn this around and  make 2015 a great year for live music. This can only happen if we all work together as a community of music makers.

Here are five ways you can make it happen. Please share on your social media timelines.

  1. Go to a local live gig featuring musicians you don’t know. Spend money at the bar. Venues need support.
  2. Set yourself a new years resolution to see a band you love but you’ve not seen live in 2015.
  3. Support your local music festivals. Go to the gigs and tell your friends.
  4. If you see a great artist or band, make sure you mention it on Facebook.
  5. If you have friends who play in a band, go and watch them play and get a few friends to go to make a proper night out of it.

If we all commit to do this, then 2015 could be the start of a new golden age of live music. Venues are struggling everywhere. Use it or lose it!

Next Steps

  • If you need a space for you and your band to practice we have a load of Studio Spaces available.
  • Need instruments or equipment? We’ve got you covered too. Check out or Pro Shop
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