Back to School – Need to buy a musical Instrument in Mill Hill, Barnet, Finchley, Edgware, Hendon or Burnt Oak

simpsons school band 1Very soon, schools all over Mill Hill, Barnet, Finchley, Edgware, Hendon and Burnt Oak will be opening their doors up for pupils returning for a new school year. Most young people don’t look forward to the end of the holidays and the start of a new term, but for many young people it will also be the start of a new experience that will change their lives in an amazing way. They will begin the journey that is learning a new musical instrument.

Mill Hill Music Complex has been around since 1979 and over that time we’ve grown into one of Londons most respected music shops. Initially we simply started selling strings and drum sticks, so that our customers could carry on a rehearsal if they had a breakage. Over the course of time this developed as we started selling other accessories such as tuners, plectrums and leads. In 1997 we took the plunge, after much nagging from our suppliers and opened our original small shop. Regular customers will know that this was demolished in 2008 and we moved into a portacabin as our shop until the new shop opened in 2012. This is a state of the art shop and we sell a full range of all the instruments and accessories that you may need as you start your journey as a musician. Just some of the items we sell

  • Ukuleles
  • Violins
  • Electric Guitars
  • Acoustic Guitars
  • Drum Kits
  • Recorders
Tanglewood TU6  coloured Ukulele's

Tanglewood TU6 coloured Ukulele’s in Stock

Unlike online dealerships, we are there if you have a problem. For our customers who have bought products from us, we offer a full backup service. If you are new to the instrument, we’ll tune your instrument, assemble it if required and give you all the help you might need. The number of times we’ve had customers come in who bought  a drumkit online to save £10 and then been surprised when they get a flatpack box of bits would amaze you. Of course we are happy to put these together, but if you bought the kit elsewhere we have to charge a labour cost of £30 for the job, wheras if you bought the kit from us, you’d get that as part of the deal. Similarly customers who buy guitars get a set up and a fully tuned instrument and you can come back any time and we’ll put it back in tune. Sadly the online dealers don’t offer this level of service. Often online guitars arrive with fret buzz and need a professional set up. Again we do this as part of the deal, but to set up a guitar bought online can cost between £30-£50, so any savings can suddenly disappear. We’ve even heard of stories of customers who have bought unplayable instruments which unscrupulous sellers have refused to take back. With us, we trade on our reputation so we are there when you need it.

As our shop is located in the studio reception, you can turn up any time until 11pm (8pm Saturdays) for shop items and someone will be here to help.

So if you are going Back to School – Need to buy a musical Instrument in Mill Hill, Barnet, Finchley, Edgware, Hendon and Burnt Oak then why not come down and see the professionals and make sure that the journey won’t end up in a well known creek without a paddle!

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