Barnet Blogger Mrs Angry nominated for the Orwell prize !

Barnet Blogger Mrs Angry has been nominated for the Orwell Prize !

You can see full details here  –

If anyone deserves an Orwell Prize it’s Mrs Angry for the stirling work she did this time last year exposing the Metpro Scandal. Whilst all of the Barnet bloggers played a big part in making sure that the whole story was exposed, I personally think that if someone has to get a gong for it, then that should be Mrs Angry. She started her blog in response to neighbours from hell, dumped on her doorstep by Barnet Council. She’d only just got rid of the stress of them when the Metpro Scandal broke. A lesser person would have said “I don’t need the hassle and let the matter rest”. No one would have thought the lesser of her if she had.

When I started blogging, no one in Barnet was covering the issues we raise every day. I doubt that we do more than scratch the surface of the shit going on in Barnet, but the council now take us very seriously. They know that WE WILL eventually get to the truth of the matter. We are a dogged, persistant and very committed bunch. We are both competetive (in a good way) and collaborative. Whenever one of us is picked on, the rest of the bloggers will rally around.

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