It may be Valentine’s Day but we’re celebrating our Birthday!

On the day most of us are spending the evening with our loved ones, Mill Hill Complex will be celebrating their 35th Birthday! They are taking this opportunity as a chance to say a huge thank you to all their supporters who have helped them achieve this great milestone!

So to celebrate, and show their appreciation to you – friends of Mill Hill Music Complex – They gift to you…
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Roger Tichborne, Mill Hill Music Complex’s founder and owner, has shared a few stories that have helped shape the history of Mill Hill Music Complex.

It’s warming to know that Roger intentionally chose to open Mill Hill Music’s doors on Valentine’s Day to help him get attention from the ladies! Roger’s success with said women is undisclosed, but as you can tell, the success of the music complex speaks for itself as it is still trading and going strong 35 years down the line!

Mill Hill Music Complex’s ethos hasn’t changed during its 35 years of trading. Roger recalls trying to get all the best local bands together when it first opened, to encourage them to practise at Mill Hill and start to develop a close knit community of local, home grown talent. It wasn’t long before Roger was getting some serious talent to start practising at Mill Hill;

“The next day, I got a phonecall from Boz Boorer of the Polecats, he wanted a regular slot, they told their friends and within a couple of weeks, we were turning bands away.”

Mill Hill Music Complex has a great catalogue of people who have rehearsed in their studios, and it’s not unlikely that there will be plenty more on the horizon with the great set up that Mill Hill offers to bands and artists alike!

The complex itself has gone through a number of changes over the years. The most dramatic of which was in 2012 when 6 new studios were added to help ensure the complex could cater for the increasing number of bands looking to practice at Mill Hill.

In a way Mill Hill Music complex’s story is quite a romantic one, it has seen bands come together and enjoy great success as well as keep local children off the streets and out of trouble by providing a safe environment for them to jam in and create excellent music.

Mill Hill Music Complex has achieved something that many rehearsal studios have failed to do, that is adapt and continue to support the ever changing needs of bands and artists. It is great to know that they continue to provide excellent and safe rehearsal facilities, hopefully for another 35 years!

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