Dance Studio

Dance Studio

What makes a good dance studio?

Think about what you are looking for in your dance studio. Are you training to be a professional dancer? Are you trying to loose weight? Are you dancing for fun?

Whether its classical ballet or other types of dance that may interest you: modern, contemporary, jazz, tap, hip-hop, acrobatics, lyrical, or even Irish step – a good dance studio should include the following things to ensure that your dance session will be enjoyable and stress free:

  • Harlequin Sprung floor – Sprung floors are floor systems that absorbs shocks and lowers impact levels. A sprung floor is considered the best for dance floors and studios, indoor sports, physical education and multipurpose sports halls.
  • Full length mirrors – not only are they essential for perfecting form but they add light to any room and crate the perfect atmosphere for a great dance session
  • Ballet bars – Ballet barres can provide a useful tool within the dance studio or rehearsal space. A comfortable sturdy barre is almost a prerequisite for dancers of both amateur and professional level and is essential for warming up and stretching exercises, allowing increased blood-flow to the muscles to improve flexibility and reduce injury risk before taking to the dance floor.
  • A great PA system – both stereo and iPod docs provide ease and quickness of set up
  • Air Conditioning – goes without saying

There are a few studios that have all of the above essentials in their dance studio not only in a convenient location but also for an affordable price.

Mill Hill Music Complex in North London has 2 dance studios. Dance Studio 14 and Dance Studio 21.

Studio21 - 1

Location is also important.

Do you want to be able to walk there? Is driving for 30 minutes going to be okay? Is there a convenient train or bus?

Mill Hill Music Complex is in a great location which is only 15mins from Central London by train and Zone 4 on Oyster, the closest station is Mill Hill Broadway.

Dance Studio 21  Specifications

Dance Studio 21

Dance Studio 21

  • Dimensions – 9m x 9m
  • Pristine full length mirrors
  • Natural Daylight
  • Can fit up to 30 people with additional dance bars
  • Additional sound systems available

Studio 21 is a Fitness & Dance studio and thus ideal for Yoga, Pilates, Circus Skills and Drama

1-3 Hours – £25 per hour
4-7 Hours – £20 per hour
8 or more hours – £18 per hour
Studio 21 special off peak rate £20 per hour after 6pm

Availability and booking info on Studio 21 

Call 020 8906 9991 for bookings and enquiries regarding private studio hire

Email enquiries to