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Finding the Perfect Band Rehearsal Space

Band rehearsal’s are a key part of any band’s routine, however, even though they’re part of everyday life, sometimes they don’t quite go to plan –but fear not! Here are some simple steps to help ensure you and your band-mates are set up properly to make the most out of your sessions.

Firstly, a good rehearsal starts with a good band rehearsal space! Research your rehearsal space thoroughly. Things such as stairs may not seem an issue when you’re walking around viewing the space, however, remember that the next time you turn up you will have vans loads of kit and equipment to haul up the stairs!

Lighting is also key, ideally this should be adjustable so that you can control the vibe of the rehearsal studio. You don’t want it to be dark and dingy when you’re setting up and if you have to tweak lyrics, however, you may not want to be blinded by lighting whilst you’re jamming!

Be sure to test out the in-house equipment when viewing a rehearsal studio – the PA system needs to work to your own standards otherwise the session could be a complete waste of time.

A good band rehearsal space isn’t just about the room:

Band Rehearsal Space

Studio 06 – Band Rehearsal Space at Mill Hill Music Complex, London

Aside from the rehearsal studio itself there are other, more straightforward items that need addressing to ensure a successful session. Artists House Music website  states that planning is vital to ensure rehearsal success. Make sure everyone in your band knows what is expected of them and what they should be bringing to the session, whether its itemising kit pieces, or reminding them of the songs you want to work on. This basic piece of communication is key to help you start off on the right foot. Time is previous when you’re in a rehearsal studio so don’t waste time arguing over people not bringing anything they didn’t know they had to!

Finally, make sure that everyone is happy with the location of the band rehearsal. If you’re looking for a new location for your rehearsal it needs to be accessible by all band members to ensure there are no pre grudges before you start which could be brought up during your session if ‘creative differences’ occur!

Looking for a band rehearsal space in London?

Once all the admin around finding and setting up your band rehearsal is out the way it frees you up to enjoy the session and make the most out of your time together to produce some great music! Talk to Mill Hill Music Complex today about how we can help you with your music rehearsal space set up!


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