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Somewhere to play you music? getting gigs

So you’ve got a band together, sorted out a set, the next step is to get a few gigs. If you’ve never done such a thing before, getting gigs can be daunting. Now this particular blog is aimed at bands who have never gigged. It is especially a problem for young bands that cannot play licensed premisis. Like all such articles, we can only give you a few pointers, based on our own experiences and those of our customers.

1. Organise your own gigs. Whilst this may seem daunting, it isn’t as hard as it seems. If you are at school or college, you often find that they are particularly receptive to such suggestions, if  there is a fund raising appeal  or you are promoting a charity.
2. Have a word with the organisers of local festivals and other events. Ask if they are having live music. If you have a PA system, you could offer them free use of this, in return for a gig.
3. Checkout local pubs and clubs. Speak to the management and see if they will put you on. If you are below the legal drinking age, ask if there is any chance of an afternoon gig, if they have a function room. Say that there are plenty of thirsty parents who will come along !
4. Checkout other local bands, follow them on twitter and facebook. See what they are doing and where they are playing. If they have found a good place locally, then why not try and get a gig there yourself.
5. Set up a Facebook page and Twitter account. Get your friends to follow you and then publicise the fact you are looking for gigs.
6. Try posting ads on bulletin boards such as Gumtree  and see if there is a response
7. Contact your local paper and see if they are interested in running an article about the band. If they say yes, mention you are looking for gigs.
8. If there are  local youth clubs, have a word with the organisers and see if they would be interested in putting on a gig. Suggest that they could combine it with a DJ  and make it a proper club night.
When you start out, getting gigs requires a lot of hard work. Once you get established, it does become easier and it can be a lot of fun.  Here is a list of venues you may want to try –  – I recommend that you target the local ones if you are just starting out. Asking for support slots is a good way to get going. Good luck
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