Mill Hill Music Complex back on XFM !

Mill Hill Music Complex will be advertising on XFM from 25th June

XFM Logo

After a gap of ten years, to celebrate the opening of our new studio complex in Mill Hill, we’re running a short radio advertising campaign on XFM, the worlds finest Indie rock station. The campaign starts tomorrow and runs for a week. We’ll be featured approx 10 times per day, so if you are listening to XFM, make sure to listen out for the ad !

We regularly advertised with XFM back in the late 1990’s until we got so busy that we were just turning bands away. With the new facilities available such as video green screen and the white infinity cove as well as five other music studios, we felt the time was right to get in touch with our friends at XFM and let London know about our great new facilities. Hope you like the ad.

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