Mill Hill Music Complex settling nicely in to our new home

Some of the team in studio reception
tech Stewart, assistant Adam & studio Manager Daz

The MHMC team

So after four years of sitting in a Portacabin, we are now in our new studios and they are fully operational. So far the response has been fantastic.  Today was a special day as Alan Warner from the Foundations booked into the new studios. Alan is a great friend of mine and he was our second paying customer when we opened in 1979. The first were the Polecats, featuring Boz Boorer. Our band recorded our first three demo’s at Alans recording studio – Lane Studios. These studios also recorded the Polecats first single, Rockabilly Guy, which was released on Nervous records. To get the thumbs up from Alan made my day.

We’ve gradually been opening the new rooms, sorting out the issues which have arisen, making sure everything is right and proper for our customers.  We’ve had Ballet in the new Dance Studio with Jumpup , drama and singing in studio 14 and  17 with the Arts experience Training Academy, we’ve had the SoundSkool project giving young people a chance to make music free of charge in a variety of rooms and we’ve had our regular customers in to use the new practise rooms and benefit from the air conditioning in the recent hot spell. We’ve also had Rock United giving music worksops for both Adults and young people.

The new rooms feature the latest state of the art amplification my Peavey. All the new rooms have docking facilites for IPods and other similar devices. We also have an upright Yamaha Piano in rooms 17 for private practice.

On the shopping side, we are now fullys tocked with Ernie Ball, Martin and Rotosound strings. We also have a full range of guitars, especially very nice acoustic guitars supplied by Tanglewood and Crafter as well as some cheaper beginners models. Even better, we have just taken delivery of some of the latest Burns Guitars, which look truly awesome.

Our shop/studio reception has been designed by award winning designer Derek Treadwell and given a ’50’s diner theme and we have aq cafe style waiting area. Come down and check it out.

We also have our own Multimedia room, equipped with lights, a green screen drape and black drapes on easy to use curtain rails. Ideal for still and video photography. The room is equipped with a hard infinity cove. W had our first video shoot inthe room recently, with a band all the way from Sydney, Australia !

Best of all, after 4 years we have our own toilets again in the Complex, so no more trudging off to the portacabin .

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