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Private guitar lessons with Stone Bezhardi

STONEI  started playing guitar when I was just 5 years old, playing my 1st gig at only 8! I am now 18 years old and on a gap year to focus on music and my band. I have been teaching for 3 years. I have students that are doing Rockschool grades, and others that just wish to learn pieces they love (anything from Ed Sheeran, Pharell, and One Direction to Metallica!). Tell me what song or piece of music you’d like to learn, and I will teach it to you. I have also worked with pupils on live performances for Birthdays and Bar Mitzvahs!


I believe that learning to play guitar successfully is about playing little and often, so that practice is not a chore that takes time from a students busy day, but something that fits into a spare 10 minutes every day. Your enjoyment and progression are my main aims.


Many of my students (and their parents) have described me as patient and encouraging.


I aim to tailor my lessons to each student’s needs. This ranges from learning a few basic chords and melodies, all the way to advanced technical and improvisational concepts. Lessons with me will provide you with the tools to help you reach whatever goals or targets you set yourself as a Guitar player, regardless of your age or experience. Remember, if you wish to progress on the Guitar, regular practice is required alongside these lessons. I recommend practising five times a week, between 20 – 30 mins.

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Stone is available for lessons on a Tuesdays/Wednesday/Thursdays afternoon between 4pm and 8pm in our air conditioned studios at Mill Hill Music Complex.

Stones top TIP

Always have your instrument tuned and to hand – that way picking it up and having a quick play will happen more often. The more you play the easier playing becomes.


Private Guitar Lessons with James Quinn


James is an RGT registered guitar teacher who holds a DipHe in Popular Music
Performance, gained at the University of West London in 1997.
He began playing guitar on leaving school in the mid 1980’s and after two years
of practice and with the aid of a teacher joined his first group, a heavy rock outfit
based in Hertfordshire.
After several years of songwriting and performing, working in professional
recording studios and with top producers in the industry, the band broke up and
James decided to study more varied styles of music to improve his level of
After graduating from the University of West London in 1997, he began teaching
guitar, doing session work and became involved in varied musical projects.
Since that time, James has acquired teaching qualifications: PTTLS and CELTA
and has had several years experience in preparing and teaching group classes.
He now spends his time as a full-time guitar teacher, teaching many styles and
levels and to date has a 100% pass rate on students entering grade exams.

Teaching Philosophy

“Students goals can be very different, so I always attempt to establish long term
goals at the outset and work towards them with shorter term goals.
We learn best when it’s fun, so I always aim on creating, interesting and
achievable lessons.
I incorporate advanced memory and accelerated learning techniques in my
lessons and help students to use the most efficient fingering to play pieces on
acoustic, classical or electric guitar.
My lessons can include a range of musical skills such as:
-playing songs and pieces
-left and right hand co-ordination
-understanding of rhythm, time signatures and note values
-sight reading
-picking technique
-playing chords
-advanced electric guitar techniques

James teaches on a Thursday afternoon between 4pm and 8pm

James Top Tip

Make sure your guitar is in tune. If your guitar is out of tune when you practise,
even if you are playing correctly, it will sound bad and it won’t inspire you to
So, buy yourself a tuner and tune up!

Lessons cost

Single student:

£32 per hour

£24 per three quarter hour

£16 for half hour

Two students:

We also offer the opportunity for students to be taught in pairs, which keeps costs down. We recommend that the students are of similar level of ability.

£40 per hour

£30 per three quarter hour

£20 for half hour

Lessons are in air conditioned rooms with natural daylight

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