Music Rehearsal Studios

Think you can’t afford to rent a music rehearsal studio? Think again!

Studio 4 Musical Rehearsal Studio with stage - london

Studio 4 Musical Rehearsal Studio with stage

It’s a bit of a catch 22 situation for musicians and bands alike, whilst you’re still experimenting with your sound and refining your music, you need the space to do just that, but without a big record deal – where is the money to pay for it?

There are several music rehearsal studios available all over London, however, not all of them are affordable! The thing is, the bare essentials that are required of a music rehearsal studio shouldn’t cost the earth to hire, which is why Mill Hill Music Complex set up their music studios over 30 years ago!

Bands and musicians needs haven’t changed, every artists needs the right space to be able to practise and perfect their sound, but at a price that is affordable.

Supporting Performers by providing them with excellent Music Rehearsal Spaces

Studio 6 Musical Rehearsal Studio, London

Mill Hill Music Complex understands the need for upcoming talent to be able to afford a place to go and record their music, as well as access to professional equipment to give them the best chance at success. This is exactly why we at Mill Hill Music Complex have created a range of studios with different set-ups to allow musicians to either practise their stage performances, or just jam together and rehearse.

Having access to a safe and well equipped studio to practise, is essential for any band, and with 13 rooms to choose from there are different set-ups available at a range of prices to ensure that there is something for everyone –   style, space and budget.

Music Rehearsal studios at Excellent Prices

We have one of the cheapest drumming rooms available in London, ideal if you’re looking to perfect your skills outside of your brand practise. But it’s not just rock style music that our rehearsal spaces cater for, if you’re an acoustic musician we have the studio space for you, as well as classic pianist with a dedicated piano room available.

If you’re a larger, smaller or medium sized band, we also have a room for you. All our band practise rooms differ in size to accommodate what is required!

If you are in a band, or if you’re a soloist  looking for a place to rehearse in London then get in touch today to have a look round and see what we can provide!


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