New Mac Pro for recording studio and Logic 9

Some great news for our recording studio customers. We’ve just upgraded our recording system and we are now running on Mac Pro with Logic 9.

For many years, we’ve had a whole army of customers who need somewhere to record live instruments and have found our acoustically tuned live room to be the place to do it. We have an in house Pearl Masters kit and a  whole selection of top of the range mics, such as Neuman, AKG, Shure to name but a few. We’ve now upgraded our recording system to take full advantage of the great sounds we get.

We’re also able to offer one on one tuition in a whole range of topics, such as close mic techniques, to get the best sounds out of drum kits.

Of course with logic 9, there are a whole host of other features and effects which can be utilised, using the easy to use effects selection. This can emulate a whole range of well known digital and analogue effects as well as some of the best loved amp sounds. Many of our customers initially come down to the studio, intending to record drums or other items which can’t be done in bedroom studios, with the intention of mixing at home. They find the creative atmosphere so conducive to producing great music that they stay and do everything in the studio.

As well as great live drum sounds, Logic has a whole host of drum sounds using the Beatmaker screen to set up your beats and loops. If you need to program up a drum track it couldn’t be easier. Many of our customers are now mixing live drum sounds with loops to get anmazing results.

We’ve also had a few people down recently doing voiceovers for films and TV productions, so there have been some very interesting customers.

As regular readers of the blog will know, we are in the process of gearing up the studio for the grand opening in January of our new reception, shop and six new rooms. This upgrade is all part of the build up to the relaunch of the studios when the new building is ready.

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