One Month to Go !

Rock and Roll Banned

Just one month to go until the opening of the new Mill Hill Music Complex studio complex. The project has been ten years in planning and four years in actual development, the old shop and studios 11 and 12 being demolished in April 2008 ! There were times when I doubted that it would ever happen and as the opening nears and the building takes shape there is a growing sense of excitement.

The “wet” building is nearly completed and we are at the fitting out stage. The new toilets are being plumbed in and electrics are being run in. On the equipment side, we’ve had Peavey down and ordered the amplification for the rooms. We’ve got the Pearl rep coming down on Monday to take the order for ten new drum kits. We’ve also had the Ernie Ball rep down and we’ll be having a dedicated Ernie Ball Strings wall. We’ve also ordered and had delivered a great range of guitars from Vintage. We’re also looking at getting in some Musicman guitars and basses. We’ve also had some lovely new acoustic guitar packages delivered. You can check these out in the portacabin, if you can’t wait.

We’re also in the process of sorting out the final touches for the decor of the shop. We’re making our hall of fame area. We’ve got signed pictures of Madness, Captain Sensible and Julie Rogers to name a few, but perhaps the pride of place will go to a Morrissey gold disc, which my old mate Boz Boorer has promised us.

Anyway, as you can see, with the workmen still on site, Rock and Roll is currently banned from the site

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