Burns Cobra Electric Gutar


Burns Cobra Electric Gutar. This design originates from the popular Drfiter Custom model with matching colour batwing style headstocks It features the new Burns knife edge tremolo system and has the low noise, high output Burns Tri-sonic single coil pickups. Standard features are the bi-directional truss rod and the push-pull tone control that gives increased pick-up selections.



Burns Cobra Electric Gutar

Based on the Drifter Custom electric guitar model, the Burns Cobra electric guitar features the new Burns knife edge tremolo system. Designed after the original Rez-o-tube, the Burns trem ensures tuning stability in returning to the correct pitch. 3 Burns Tri-Sonic single coil low noise high output pickups, 5-way pickup selector with push/pull control on tone knob for additional pick-up combinations. Other features include 22-fret rosewood fingerboard with a bi-directional truss rod.