ProGuard Music EarPlugs


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The ProGuard Music earplug simplifies every stage of getting your own custom attenuating earplugs made, but straight out of the box solution

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ProGuard Music – Earplugs

Each NEW ProGuard Music earplug comes fitted with it’s own replaceable 17dB (Mid) acoustic filter as standard (it is possible to choose a 24dB filter instead when you send back your impressions), extra filters are available at extra charge. The filter is the clever and new part, a completely new design and constructed using intricate membrane technology. The filter is engineered to give you the best acoustic response available, every membrane filter is finely tuned and tested to allow a certain amount of sound to pass through un-cluttered. Enabling you to hear music as it should be played only at a lower level, with its original sound clarity intact. All ProGuard filters are individually tested and meet the strict criteria of EN352-2, they are easily user interchangeable.

Proguard Music Earplugs
Proguard Mid Acoustc Filter = SNR 17dB

ProGuard High Acoustic Filter = SNR 24dB

ProGuard Extreme Acoustic Filter = SNR 30dB