New things coming to the Mill Hill Music Complex Website

We thought we’d share some exciting news with you! This week we had a meeting with our website designers to discuss some exciting new developments on our website and at the studio. We discussed various projects to improve the website, given the large number of musicians who regularly look at it. There are three exciting new services we are looking at launching in the near future.

  1. Directory of Venues in North London and a Calendar of  Gigs 
  2. Launch of online music distribution service
  3. Launch of Blue Moon Records – our in house label

The directory of venues and a calendar of gigs  be a very useful resource for local bands, many of whom are keen to book up gigs and don’t know where to look. Our online music distribution service will be a low cost option for bands who want to get their music out there. For many bands, they have recordings but they need help getting their music to a wider audience. Our distribution service will mean that bands can get their music to their fans in an easy and cost effective manner. Finally our record label will work with the best up and comiong bands locally to launch their careers and we also have some well established bands who are looking for a label that is interested in music rather than hype. Initially we will only be working with established customers of Mill Hill Music Complex who have recorded at our studios.

We hope that you’re as excited as we are with these developments.  Following comments from our customers we’ve undergone a  bit of a redesign of some pages on our studio website recently. Since the major redesign last August, we’ve been regularly reviewing and trying to improve the site. We’ve been pleased that our customers have found the on line booking system useful, especially for checking studio availability.

As with all websites, there is however always room for a bit of improvement. We’ve put a major effort into trying to improve the look and feel of the Tuition Pages – we’ve now got a much cleaner layout on for the timetable page and updated the Guitar Tuition Page 

We’ve also updated the “Find US” page with improved links to all manner of useful travel information. We’ve got links to all of the bus timetables that service Mill Hill, so you can find out to get to us from Edgware, Burnt Oak, Colindale, Mill Hill East, Finchley, Hendon, Harrow and even Turnpike Lane!  We’ve got links to the online train times, so you can find the time of the next services to and from London St Pancras, via the fast train link at Mill Hill Broadway. We have a Google route map, so you only need to put your address in and it will tell you how to get to us.

We’ve also made some improvements to our online booking facility, which you can access via the various studio pages (if you haven’t tried it, click here and look at the booking widget at the bottom of the page – Studio 16

You can keep up to date with all the news, jokes, studio gossip and developments at our Twitter feed at /MillHillMusicCo or on our Facebook page /millhillmusiccomplexlondon

We’d also appreciate it if you could email us if you have any issues, comments or suggestions for our website CLICK HERE to email us

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