Damned Damned Damned

The Damned in Mill Hill Music Complex – an interview with Captain Sensible

It was my pleasure yesterday to catch a few words with Captain Sensible of the Damned, during a break from rehearsing at Mill Hill Music Complex. As the Damned are one of my all time favourite bands, this was a true pleasure.RT – What are you rehearsing for?
CS – We’re doing a tour and we’re polishing up the material. We’re playing the first album (Damned Damned Damned) and the fourth album (The Black Album). We haven’t played some of the songs for 30 years and some of them we never wrote endings for as we faded them out in the recordings. The first album was the one the Pistols hated as we got it out first.RT – Why those two albums?
CS – The first one is iconic, the first punk album and the Black Album is our first real gothic album.RT – I actually liked the second album
CS – We hated it. The bloke who was the guitarist from Pink Floyd produced it and didn’t get the rawness we wanted. I’d love to get the tapes and remix it. We wanted the old singer, so we could do a real psychedelic punk album.

RT –  I really liked a couple of the numbers on the second album, especially Don’t cry wolf and the one slagging off Television.
CS – Do you know why we wrote that? We were meant to be supporting them in LA. The fee was going to pay our fare home.  We were stuck. We hired another hall and we put a big bucket with a sign saying “If you want the send the Damned back to the UK, please donate generously”. We had all these people like Rod Stewart on the guest list, so we scrubbed them off and told them they had to pay. Basically they left us in the shit so we wrote Idiot box in retaliation”.

RT – Any plans to record an album?
CS – Not at the moment, we’ve all got ideas but we’re keeping them to ourselves. We’re not signed, although we could put something out ourselves. I’d like to do something raw. This is a great room, we could get a rig and just put the stuff down really cheaply. It’s a band decision though”.

RT – Are you doing any London gigs?
CS – Yes, at the Roundhouse

RT – How’s it been down here with all the building works?
CS –  I love the old Irish guy who is about a hundred and is supervision all the work (Fast Eddie), he cracks me up.

Checkout the Damned being interviewed at Mill Hill Music Complex on Youtube –  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdOj5C_vdvA


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