The Friday joke 25/1/2013

Well I had a lovely joke lined up for you today, but I couldn’t post it because of a far bigger joke – BT Business Broadband. All day, I’ve had no service. I did all the things you are supposed to do, but no luck. Eventually I rang the BT Broadband help number. They informed me that there was a 20 – 30 minute wait for calls to be answered. So I waited 25 minutes, tying up our studio booking line and doubtless losing customer bookings as a result. After 25 minutes, I got through. “Ah yes sir, we have a fault on our system. Because we’ve sent you a reminded for your bill, we’ve stopped your service”. What? Have I not piad on time? “Oh no, it’s a problem on our system sir”. So I’ve got nothing done all day and been kept on a phone for 25 minutes, because of an administrative error? “yes sir, but we’ve fixed it now, we’ve had lots of calls about this today, that is why you had to wait so long”.

My response “I’m not going to say what I suppose everyone else has said”.

I just wish it was the first of February. I need a beer. Or 17.

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