They can’t afford to add the names of servicemen to our war memorials but they can afford this crap

A quick hat tip to Dan-il Hope Daniel Hope, formerly a member of the local politbureau Council, but now the proprietor of the Barnet Bugle, a not too bad blog about stuff in Barnet. Dan draws our attention to these posters which Barnet Council are putting up to tell us how marvellous they are. Strangely enough, I thought there was a recession, huge public spending cuts and a relentless drive against waste. A leading Tory has informed me that the posters are a “public service” to allow people to “recognise their councillors if they have a problem”. He informs me it is nothing whatsoever to do with egomania and narcisism and helps them to perform a “vital public service”.

Personally I’d have thought that if councillors really wanted to meet the people in the High Street, they’d have been better of  walking up and down and saying hello to them (but what do I know). It would certainly have been cheaper. My Tory friend informed me that these posters cost “nothing” as the poster company display them for free, in return for putting commercial advertising on the other side. Sadly, me being a swivel eyed Trot, I havea more business orientated view of the world than our local Tories. “Why don’t they put commercial information on both sides and make a profit to keep tax down”. He was ready for this question “Because this way we can get local information out to the people of Barnet for free”.

Well this is the Barnet we live in.

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