Videomaking at Mill Hill Music Complex

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Another in our series on videomaking at Mill Hill Music Complex. Over the last year, Mill Hill Music Complex has seen some fantastic artists come through our doors. When we opened the new studio block, we added two fantastic film studios equipped to help our customers make the best possible videos as economically as possible.

We have our large green screen facility in Studio 20 and our smaller Studio 15, has a hard infinity cove, green screen and black drapes.


We thought it would be nice to put together a collection of the best videos filmed at Mill Hill Music Complex over the last year. Check them out and tell us what you think.

Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra – Studio 20

This video was filmed by Lee to promote the single. Lee had been let down by a video production company and happened to mention that his plans had been thrown into disarray. We put him together with our resident camera team of Carl Myers and Charles Honderick and this is the result. This was put together at three days notice.  There is great usage made of the large greenscreen in Studio 20.  We were really pleased with the results and Lee got great airplay with this song. He talked about making the video and gave us a good plug on the Robert Elms show on BBC London 94.9


Happy Martyr  – Christmas Kisses – Studio 15

Boz Boorer, who was our first ever paying customer, back in 1979 with the Polecats, wrote and produced this track with Happy Martyr.  The video makes full use of the infinity cove in the studio. It is a great video, shot on a tight budget, which is highly watchable.


Invaders – Hummingbird – Studio 15

This is one of the finest videos we’ve seen. It is a great song and the video looks fantastic, fully capturing the power and darkness of this classic track by Invaders.


Rob Finlay – These words aren’t meant for me – Studio 15

This is a truly awesome video. Rog Finlay hired a projector to get the effects and had a full FX team work on the production, making a remarkable video.


We picked these four videos as each one displays a totally different side of video film making. We are proud of the Videomaking at Mill Hill Music Complex over the last year. It is great  to see the facilities being used by such brilliant filmmakers.

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