Want to find a great gig venue – The Barfly – Camden Town – Customer Review


  1. Name of venue: Camden Barfly
  2. Contact details for organising a gig: Mama&Co promotion group:
  3. | Phone – +44 (0) 20 7688 9000 | Fax – +44 (0) 20 7688 8999 | Email-
  4. Register to play:
  5. The address of the venue: Barfly?49 Chalk Farm Road?Camden Town?London, NW1 8AN
  6. Details of when live music is staged: (if not a regular night put ad hoc gigs): Throughout the week, club nights Friday/Saturday running from 6/7pm until 2am. “We played ours on a Saturday night and have our next one scheduled for a Saturday in December”.
  7. PA provided? – Yes as well as part back line. (Drums, Bass DI, One amp).
  8. Any other useful info: (max audience, charging policy, etc):Max audience is around 250, tickets are £5 each and their is pay depending on ticket sales
  9. Review of the gig and venue: Having played at Camden barfly with other bands as well as seeing bands there, i love the venue. It’s conveniently placed within north london meaning it’s easy for fans to get to, and the sound in the venue is wicked. Mama & Co are a great company and do a nice bit of a promotion (although it as always they could do more!). We sold out our last show there in July and are so happy we’ve booked it again for our headline show in December. Would recommend it to any up and coming group.

Callum (Wild Sun)


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