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Your local Music Shop in Mill Hill for guitar Strings, Sticks and Accessories

At Mill Hill Music Complex,  we believe in supporting the local community. As your local music shop, we aim to try and give you the best service we can.  Whether you need Ernie Ball Strings, Vic Firth drum sticks, Aquarian headsplectrums, effects units or more.  We also sell guitars, ukuleles, basses, drum kits,  and all the major items you may need.

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Mill Hill Music Complex, your local Music Shop in Mill Hill, has been around since 1979, providing services for local musicians. Approx 1,000 musicians and other artists pass through our 18 studios every week.  When our customers come down for a rehearsal, they don’t want a broken string or drumstick to cause an early end to a band rehearsal. To make sure our customers can get what they need when they need it, we have a full selection of spares and accessories for sale in our studio reception. The good news for local musicians is that you don’t need to be rehearsing at the studios to buy spares and instruments at Mill Hill Music Complex.  Just pop in anytime between 11am and 11pm and we’re there to help (closes 8pm  Saturdays).

We are also in the process of putting our products on line, so you can order and get free delivery. At the moment we don’t have all our products online for sale, but over the coming weeks, we’ll be ramping up and adding the full range of our catalog to the website. Please have a look at what we have so far »»

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